But They Make it Look So Easy

A wonderful post by a master teacher!

The Joy of Teaching

Image result for images of pencils  When people are skilled, they make the things they are able to do look so easy.

My son in law solves complex computer mysteries with a few clicks of his mouse.  Olympic sprinters break speed records without breaking a sweat.  And Jerry and Sergio consistently–and seemingly effortlessly–serve up the best polenta and osso bucco this side of the Atlantic.

Their complete competence makes you think you can do what they do. Except that you really can’t.

They do their work with ease.  What don’t we see?  Years of practice, training, and experience come together seamlessly–and often, invisibly– for success.

Image result for images of pencils Take teaching. To the casual observer,  an accomplished teacher makes it look simple to wrangle twenty first graders to the carpet or to get middle school kids excited about the Age of Exploration or guide sophomores through the steps in a science lab. Students seem to shuttle from station to…

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6 thoughts on “But They Make it Look So Easy

  1. One of your best! I hope all the new teachers out there not only read this , but post asking for your expertise advice, Master Teacher!!


  2. I am in complete agreement and wish more of those who think teaching is easy would have to try it for a day.

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    • I did not write this post. I reblogged it from a wonderful teacher, Stephanie at The Joy of Teaching. Sorry about the mix-up. I’ll have to learn how to reblog someone else’s work without looking like I wrote it. I reblogged it because I thought Stephanie said it so well!


  3. I totally agree. A teacher is basically an additional parent but they get to spend more time and have more patience with our children. Teachers do not get enough credit, and when a child grows up to be an outstanding, accomplished person, parents think it is because of them, and it is, but a lot of it was through the guidance of the teacher.

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    • Lynn, thanks for your comment. Please know that I did not write this post. It was written by another blogger and I liked it so much I reposted it. For more of her astute thoughts about teaching and the state of education please go to thejoyofteachingblog.wordpress.com. I’ll pass on your comment.


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