Change is Good

My new focus in The Nothing Expert will be on Education. Once this blog was called Howdy Doody Foody. If you want to check that earlier content, check my February 2014 to April 2014 Archives to see how a crazy woman born in 1945 wrote about food.

In April 2014, my adult children told me that a food blog containing the word “Doody” in the title was probably the dumbest thing I could ever do. Therefore, I changed my blog title to The Nothing Expert because it conveyed a humility that would protect me from dissension. I was right.  No bad guys attacked me for my ideas; nobody called me fat, stupid, or mean. I was a wimpy writer, playing around, afraid to get dirty.  If you want to read those posts, check my archives from April 2014 to August 2016.

In October 2015 I published my memoir, Still Playing in the Dirt, Seventy Years of Stalking Tarzan and Mother Nature.

In early 2016, I retired from teaching and consulting after working for 45 years, thirty as an elementary school teacher, and fifteen more as an educational consultant. I posted occasionally to The Nothing Expert, but I was not focused; I wrote about Everything and Nothing.

Perhaps I was afraid to write about Education.

I’m not afraid anymore.

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