rose perlmutter


This Blog is dedicated to:

My Dad, who cooked meatloaf on Monday, pea soup on Tuesday, and fresh ham on Thursday.

My Mom who was the Mom in their Mom and Pop Grocery-Deli. She taught me that  whenever I’m afraid of someone I should imagine him naked. She also fed me.

My Two Imaginary Friends:

  • Grim Streaker runs around naked thanks to my mom’s suggestions . Sometimes he wears black socks and sandals like I do. Grim’s  always telling me, “Rosie, watch the clock…tick, tick…Start the darn blog already!” .
  • Overthinker, who constantly battles with Grim. Overthinker says “Wait, Rosie, wait. You can’t start. You’re not ready. It’s not perfect yet.”

Grim Streaker and Overthinker battled for my soul. Grim won. That’s why you are reading this blog.

When I’m not talking to my imaginary friends, I am an author, teacher, lover of nature, wife,parent and grandparent.

Welcome to my blog!

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