How To Do Nothing Well in the Rain

It’s raining hard. My eyes are closed. I am doing Nothing.

But, damn, I am doing Nothing so well! That’s why I am The Nothing Expert.

Here are Seven Ways to Do Nothing Really Well in the Rain.

  1. Open your window.
  2. Sit with your morning coffee, close your eyes, and listen to the rain.
  3. Don’t talk.
  4. Don’t text.
  5. Take another sip of coffee.
  6. Remember other times when you heard that rain.
    • Was it from the inside of a tent after your dog tracked in the mud?
    • Was it on the morning of your kid’s outdoor wedding?
    • Was it on a Monday morning when you had to get up and get to work?
    • Was it on a Monday morning after you called in sick and went back to bed?
    • Was it the third consecutive rainy day when your family stayed in that little room at the lake motel?  Were you playing Go Fish with the kids on the motel bed?  Were you reading and coloring with them?  Were you trying to get everybody warm because their clothes were still wet from the day before?
    • Did your kids run out of the motel, down to the dock, the minute there was a lull in the downpour?   Then ten minutes later, did they skedaddle back to the motel room when the thunder and lightning started up, again?
  1. Walk to the open window and smell the rain.
    • I had a teacher once who told me the rain smell was ozone gas. I don’t care.
    • I prefer to think of the smell of the wet leaf pile where my cousin, Roberta, and I used to dig for fishing worms. We got some big, fat, juicy ones. Yummy! We were about eight then. Her son’s getting married this week-end.

The rain has stopped. There is some law, probably from my mother that decrees “When the sun comes out, you will leave the apartment and go outside.”

Therefore, I must stop doing Nothing. I must start doing something. Oh drat.

What does rain make you remember?

How do you do Nothing well?  I’d love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “How To Do Nothing Well in the Rain

  1. Now that I am newly retired, I am really getting into doing “nothing” really well. I, too, turn off all TVs and radios when it’s raining and just sit with my feet up and listen to the quiet and the raindrops. It fills me with such a feeling of peace and comfort.


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