Friday Night at the Food Court

href="">Beedle Um Bum via Compfight cc

Deer love my backyard buffet of nourishing shrubs. They give me a 5 star rating!  At the moment I’m watching a family of four of them from my kitchen window.

It’s a Friday, and as I watch the deer, I remember my own family’s Friday Night Pizza tradition. That was long ago.

Deer come and go through my backyard food court all year. This group is different, however. They seem relaxed, for deer.  The two fawns are sparring with each other on their spindly legs, just like they do on the nature shows on TV. The biggest deer, whom I assume is Dad, sees me, but he doesn’t run. He just stares and munches on his shrub. I usually don’t see deer this big in my yard. .The fawns continue to frolic.

You ask about the Mom? She’s there too. It’s a gorgeous, breezy day. Her children are playing. Most of all, Dad is there and she can take a break. The doe eases herself to the ground and sits, watching me, while the rest of the members of her family do their thing.  I know what she’s thinking.

She’s thinking, “Lady, you understand. They are with their father now. I’m taking a break. I’ve had them all week. Goodness, I might even close my eyes and take a snooze.”

I understand totally. Perhaps she would enjoy a scented bath, and candles as she unwinds.


Photo Credit: href=””>Beedle Um Bum via Compfight cc

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