Jerome, The Great and Good

Keith's Graduation and Botanical Gardens 06.2013 133My husband’s name is “Jerome, The Great and Good”

He deserves this name because for 45 years he has endured:

My cooking. There were  those 1969  Swedish meatballs, I made when we were newlyweds. He fielded the call from the neighbor who complained about the smells coming from our apartment.

My dieting.  After he has driven home in a blizzard, shoveled the driveway, and walkway and  stumbled through the door,  icicles dripping from his nose, I’ ve been known to say, “Hi honey! We’re having a bag of salad and a can of tuna tonight.”

My  food shopping.  So I spend $6.99 at the Farmer’s Market for a teeny tiny box of locally grown strawberries! Jerome, The Great and Good, is standing there off to the side, patiently holding our canvas bag filled with the strawberries,  kale, swiss chard, and zucchini. I know he’s thinking  of the rest of the guys who are home, watching the ball game, and  chowing down on their nachos and three layer  dip from  Costco.

My sulking. He’s  really good at dodging an occasional plate of Italian meatballs and spaghetti thrown in his direction.

My worrying. When my imaginary friend, Overthinker, takes over my thoughts, Jerome is right there with my other imaginary friend, Grim Streaker, pushing me on.


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