Are You a Fake Foodie Like Me? Five Ways to Tell


  1. You cook a gigantic meatloaf on Sunday so you don’t have to cook on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and if you really push it, Thursday.
  2. You make an antipasto by emptying many jars and cans and throwing the stuff on a plate with some salami, all artfully arranged.
  3. You are still planning to learn what to do with a real artichoke, not the ones from the jar.
  4. You buy arugula and tender baby lettuce  at the Farmers’ Market and then put it in your “show off” recyclable bag, Then you strut around the food stalls screwing  up your nose at other people’s plastic bags.  At the end of the week, you throw out your Farmer’s Market stuff  because it’s much easier to prepare and eat a washed bag of salad mix.
  5. You go to a Farmer’s Market and bring your big dog on a long leash. You wait for people to pet your dog and talk to it, if you haven’t already tripped them with the damn leash.  You don’t buy anything. What is it with you dog people at the Farmers’ Market? PS. I don’t have a dog.

Do you know any fake foodies?

5 thoughts on “Are You a Fake Foodie Like Me? Five Ways to Tell

  1. I am so guilty of #1. During the work week, I am a leftover queen. Making one “meal” last a couple of days is like finding a cashmere sweater on the sale rack at Lord and Taylor!


  2. Thanks so much for your comment on the Amtrak piece. It would be fun, wouldn’t it? Sounds like you are quite the traveling writer already, and could give us tips on how to do that. I think it would be quite grand to have a whole bunch of us bloggers on a train together. Maybe that’s another idea for Amtrak to consider.


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